Each washcloth is tucked inside a chocolate-brown waterproof bag. Please click to indicate the number you would like us to send you. Suggested donation is $25 per set. Please email us if this cost is prohibitive.

We received a request for a washcloth and bag designed specifically for the care of an infant/child at death.  While still chocolate brown, this fabric has a sprinkling of white polka dots.  The washcloth is identical to the one above (made of exceptionally soft organic hemp and bamboo fiber).  Suggested donation is $25 per set.  Please email us if this cost is prohibitive.


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Please click here to make a donation to the One Washcloth project.  Your contribution will allow us to broaden awareness of the healing benefits of family involvement in after-death care, by promoting the gift of a washcloth to those who have just lost a loved one.  We regret that we do not yet have official non-profit status, so can not offer tax receipts.  However, please consider making a donation in memory of a friend or loved one.  We would be glad to send a memorial card acknowledging your donation.
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Our gift tags may be purchased separately and added to your own locally sourced washcloths. They gently explain the purpose of the washcloth.

Infant/Child Set

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