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Lynn lovingly and with intention sews the wetbags at her home in Santa Barbara.

An instructional gift tag is attached to each bag, and reads:

"This cloth is a gift. Please use it to care for your loved one who has died, as a final act of love. You may use it to gently wash the face, hands, and body of your loved one, as you would have ​in life. Follow your instincts. There is no “right” way. There is no rush. You may keep this cloth as a reminder of the tender care you gave at the end."

One Washcloth hopes to encourage the sharing of a washcloth at the bedside following a death, with as many families as possible. Individuals and organizations may wish to purchase washcloth gift sets directly from One Washcloth, or source washcloths locally, themselves.  Gift tags are available, which gently explain the purpose of the washcloth, and can be attached to any washcloth that is given.

Using environmentally friendly and organic fabrics, One Washcloth gift sets cost approximately $25 to produce.  Please consider donating this amount for each One Washcloth gift bag and cloth set that you request.

We will gratefully accept donations to allow us to supply One Washcloth gift sets and gift tags to families and organizations that cannot afford to cover costs. We welcome you to make these generous donations in memory of a loved one or friend (memorial cards available; unfortunately we cannot offer charitable tax receipts at this time).

Included with each washcloth is a waterproof bag so that the cloth can be brought home after use, even if it remains wet. The bags  are handmade in California using 

Eco-PUL™ (an environmentally-friendly fabric made in the USA).

Our washcloths are organic bamboo loop terry on one side and organic hemp fleece on the other creating extra softness. 
The ​washcloths are white and ivory in color, measure 9x9 inches, and are made by hand in Ohio.

​Machine-wash and dryable.

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